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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Coast Guard to Conduct Maintenance on VHF Radio System

JUNEAU, Alaska – The 17th Coast Guard District is scheduled to conduct maintenance on its VHF radio system Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

During this time the Coast Guard anticipates that there may be intermittent service outages throughout the state as the work is completed.

The Coast Guard encourages all mariners throughout Alaska to remain vigilant and have a redundant means of communication with them such as:

  •  EPIRBs/PLBs (most highly recommended) 
  •  Satellite messengers (second most highly recommended)

Followed by:

  •  Cellphone, when in range
  •  Satellite phone
  •  High frequency radio communications on 4,125 kHz, 6,215 kHz, and 8,291 kHz
  •  DSC-equipped radios that are registered with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number and have GPS activated

Mariners that are equipped with capable radios can contact the Coast Guard through Communications Detachment Kodiak via high frequency (HF) 4125 KHz.
Mariners can also contact the Coast Guard via cellular or satellite phone: Joint Rescue Coordination Center Juneau at 907-463-2000; Sector Juneau command center at 907-463-2980 or Sector Anchorage command center at 907-428-4100. 

Mariners are reminded that Western and Northern Alaska has no VHF-FM coverage. Contact in areas without VHF/FM coverage to the Coast Guard is via Communications Detachment Kodiak on HF or JRCC Juneau by phone. Mariners are requested to relay any unanswered calls for assistance to the Coast Guard.

“The maintenance work being performed will add redundant capabilities into the system and address performance issues identified in late 2019,” said Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mills., District 17 telecommunications division chief.

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