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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Crying Racism...

When will people realize that the same Corporate Media that lied to you about "George Floyd" NOT being on drugs and dying from substance abuse, is the same Corporate media news that will lie to you about a cold virus and exaggerate its deadliness. 

Below is the full leaked footage of "George 'Im a druggie and stuck a pistol on a pregnant woman while I robbed her' Floyd" 

Stop listening and watching Corporate News. It's all lies. It's all bullshit. How many more videos like this do you need to watch to realize you are being brainwashed for agendas. Particularly watch 9:34 the "I can't breath" was long before the 'knee'. The man was on drugs hence the officer asking him about it around the 5 minute mark. 

Be conscious and pay attention, don't blindly follow fake news and propaganda, simply because it feels good. 

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