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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Emergency Trauma Technician Classes [Free if You're a Craig Resident]

Looking for a way to serve your community? Have you ever thought of working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)? Now is a great chance to get training and get involved. The City of Craig is sponsoring an Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) class through the POW VocTec Center starting on September 29th. All you have to pay as a student is the cost of books and certification! AND the City of Craig will reimburse you for those if you join the Craig EMS Squad (which makes the training TOTALLY FREE!).

AND, the City of Craig will pay a stipend for every call you go on as a Craig EMT, annual bonuses for EMT's who respond to more than 10 calls per year (bonuses include annual cash bonuses, pool passes, and additional amounts added to the per call stipend).

AND, if you go on more than 50 runs per year with the squad you will be issued a tax-exempt card.
Interested? Call the POW VocTec Center at 401-1456 or go to www.powvoctec.org for more information about the class! Call Craig EMS at 826-4857 or Craig City Hall at 826-3275 for more information about joining the Craig EMS squad!

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