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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Strictly Local 5 Year Anniversary Thank You Sale!

Strictly Local is having 20% off all week on most items in appreciation of the local support! Below is the message from the owner: 

We're celebrating our 5 year anniversary this week! Cue the longest post to the end for sale details!

First of all - THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, and everybody associated with Strictly Local - thank you, thank you thank you. One million times thank you.


Photo courtesy of Strictly Local


Without the support of you, Prince of Wales, friends, family, visitors, and zillions of countless amazing individuals, Strictly Local would never have become what it is today. It is because of YOU that we have become what we are. You have created jobs. Youhave createdincome forcountless locals and small businesses around Alaska. You have boosted local economy 💪🏼

From our very humble beginnings, there are so many to thank along the way. Thank you, Cindy Wortman, for trusting me to care for, and ultimately take over, your vision (Strictly Local Selections Gift Boutique and Gallery). Thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Aaron McCulloch, who told me to get over my inhibitions and just GO FOR IT, when I was unsure if this was the path I was meant to take. Thank you to everybody who scarified their time so that I could take a break from 80+ hour weeks in the beginning, before I could afford employees. Katie George, Kelsey Sheakley, Trina Nation, Steph Jurries....I'll appreciate you forever ❤ Thank you to my mom, Ana Tolentino, Aunt Julie, and Jamie for flying all the way up here to run the shop so I could take trips 😭 Thank you to the INCREDIBLE employees who've taken care of Strictly Local as if it were their own over the past 3 years....Ali Kuckkahn, Megan Bolt, Jill Lucey, Roseline Bixler, Katie Rooks, Amanda Johnson, Eva Christensen, Jill ladies are all rock stars and I'm incredibly humbled to have spent so much time working with, and getting to know you. Your dedication has made ALL the difference 🙏🏼If I missed anybody, I'm so sorry - you are appreciated!

Thank you to ALL of the amazing artists who have shared their work at Strictly Local. There is so much talent. I am humbled that you've trusted me to share your work, represent you, and share a bit of your passion with the world. It is truly an honor to share your stories ♥️ Thank you to all of the amazing makers and small businesses I've worked with over the years - I have learned so much from you. I have made incredible connections, colleagues, and friends with you. I am grateful to be a part of such an outstanding community of creativity.

Thank you to my customers and students. I can hardly believe the kindness and goodness that comes pouring through our doors every day. Thank you for the conversations, the big life chats, and the laughs. Many of you are intimately aware of the fact that Strictly Local is a safe space to open up. So many tears have been shed here. Like many 😂 Thank you for sharing your stories here. Thank you for feeling safe here and for helping to cultivate an environment of inclusivity, acceptance, understanding, and compassion. We are grateful to have created a community with you. Truly ♥️

We are grateful beyond words. Thank you for welcoming me here all those years ago. Thank you for supporting my ideas. Thank you for all of your kindness through the challenges. Thank you for helping me get to a place where I can work reasonable hours and finally go back home for the holidays!

Thank you for your business.

I love you all!
To thank you, we are offering 20% off everything in the shop (except consignment art) ALL WEEK.

*Carved silver
*Art Supplies
*Body Products
*So much more...

We've never done a sale so huge, but we love you so much, so....see you this week!

For fun:

*Our 50th customer will win a $50 gift card, and our 100th customer will win a $100 gift card! Applies to sale week only.

*We will be putting together mystery bags for $5, $10, and $20. You won't know what's inside, but it will be anything from jewelry to body products to ornaments, candles, photos, and more.

Strictly Local Schedule for August: 

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