Alaska Salmon Harvest Update Week 12 - P.O.W. Report

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Alaska Salmon Harvest Update Week 12

The 2020 Alaska salmon season is winding down for the year. Last week’s harvest of nearly three million salmon (mostly pink) brings the year’s total to 107 million fish. The YTD harvest total is nearly identical to 2018, though with 16 million more pinks, about 12 million fewer keta, and five million fewer sockeye. Historical data indicate around three percent of the annual harvest occurs after week 35 in most years.

About 180,000 sockeye were harvested last week with nearly all landings taking place in Kodiak and the AK Peninsula & Aleutian Islands region.

The YTD pink harvest totals 55 million fish, a pace 44% and 47% ahead of 2018 and 2016, respectively. While PWS has contributed the most pink salmon of any region in the state, the area lags its projected harvest by about a third. Harvest in Kodiak has been particularly strong with the region now more than eight million fish ahead of its projected harvest of roughly 12 million salmon. Southeast has produced about 11% of the YTD pink harvest with landings at record low levels.

YTD statewide landings of keta are 69% lower than 2019 and the 5-year average.

Coho landings are 55% lower than the 5-year average with most areas seeing weakness. Although Bristol Bay is ahead of last year, landings are about 20% lower than the 5-year average. Unlike other areas, fishing in Kodiak has been relatively strong with YTD harvest 16% ahead of the 5-year average.

Chinook production lags 2019 by about 70,000 fish or 27%. Improved harvest in Southeast has narrowed the deficit against 2019 to 3%.

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Garrett Evridge
McDowell Group

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