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Friday, September 25, 2020

Thoughts on Recent Failures [RavenSpeaker]


Thoughts on my recent failure~ Racism is a subject we can not discuss right now. Unfortunately no problem can ever be solved which can not be discussed. In the current climate we are told only White People can be racist which I am not really sure is true but let's leave that in place for just a moment. We are also told every White person is racist which I think will generate a self fulfilling prophecy and is probably a stupid thing to say and attitude to have.

We are also essentially told that no constructive solution for racism is really possible. Only destructive ones. America has to be overthrown for example; or what amounts to the same thing we must forget the culture, the Founding Fathers and everything that makes the nation the nation because it is irredeemably awful.

Since that will never happen in a good way and if it does happen NDNs in particularly likely will suffer horribly (and a lot more than people think) it seems to me people are saying there is nothing that can be done about it.

I have tried to say that is not true but people who consider themselves victims of bigotry seem to need this laughable human weakness called racism to be some powerful thing it really isn't. I am not sure why but there seems to be no talking to people who want desperately to have a boogie man to point to.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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