Ketchikan Scam Apartment - P.O.W. Report

Monday, October 12, 2020

Ketchikan Scam Apartment


From Melissa

So recently I posted that I was searching for a 1bedroom apartment for rent. I got some great leads- thanks for that! But I also got a message by someone named Arthur Favour. He told me he had just moved out of this great 1 bedroom and I could contact the landlord- a man named Ben Freeman. I contacted Mr. Freeman and inquired about the apartment. 

Originally he told me I could not view the apartment because he was in the hospital, and now a week later he still can't show me because he's not in Ketchikan. Instead he sent pictures. Things were not adding up and I got suspicious. He was asking for alot of personal information and money before allowing me to view the apartment. I googled the address and found the exact same pictures he sent me on Zillow. I contacted the person on Zillow, who was a Ketchikan woman with a Ketchikan phone number. She confirmed that this Ben Freeman does not own the apartment and it is a scam.
KPD has been contacted.

I'm just posting this as an FYI- I know I've seen some other people posting looking for an apartment.

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