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Monday, November 2, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] Citizens Against Eric Rhodes for Mayor of Thorne Bay



In response to “Citizens for Eric Rhodes”:

Wow! Eric Rhode's storied history is nothing if not incredible! For someone to accumulate all those accomplishments, all by the age of 40 puts almost everyone else on a list of failures! Add to that his choice to live a humble, minimalist life style in spite of the valued and no doubt lucrative service to corporate America he has provided!

As a famous politician once said “COME ON MAN”!

The truth about Mr. Rhode's qualifications for Mayor can be found in his tenure as Mayor Pro Tem. During that time Mr. Rhodes violated several city codes; met or conferred with several other council members without the knowledge of the rest of the city council, violating the cities' open meeting act. This was done to try and justify his illegitimate suspension of the then city administrator in spite of being advised by the state that he did not have the authority to do so! Prompting a recall effort which he narrowly avoided.

We feel that this alone, with such a blatant violation, is sufficient to question his concern for the city codes. Should he become Mayor one can only assume that his disregard for city codes will continue. His actions against the previous city administrator has put the city at risk of a lawsuit. Do not expose the city to this kind of governance!

While Cindy Edenfield has no history advising corporate America, she does have seven years experience on the City Council. In addition, Cindy Edenfield has shown her dedication to the City of Thorne Bay through consistent participation in city issues and activities.

Elect Cindy Edenfield as the next Mayor of Thorne Bay

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