Craig Schools Canceled on Monday Due to Landslide - P.O.W. Report

Monday, November 2, 2020

Craig Schools Canceled on Monday Due to Landslide


Sunday evening a landslide occurred at '62 Pit' headed towards Port St. Nick. Due to this landslide Craig Schools were closed and cleanup wasn't able to occur because the slide was still moving. This is an ongoing story and for more information visit the City of Craig Facebook page.

If you have any pictures or videos of this slide that you would like to share please email 

In a related news Ketchikan lost power Sunday evening

8:57pm power is out north of Shoreline Drive. We will update as we learn more!
UPDATE 9:07pm: unsatisfied with only having half of the island without power, our pernicious overlord Jurgen has decided to visit darkness upon the rest of us too!
Power currently out in most areas except parts of the Carlanna and Newtown area in town and apparently also Forest Park.
UPDATE 9:17 PM : Source is downed tree that took lines out near the car wash on Noth Tongass. FYI-This will be a fairly long outage due to the need to remove the tree in high winds.
UPDATE 10:08 PM: Power is being restored to areas in town and South, but North will take longer as the crews must remove the tree, and repair the lines before power restoration can begin.
FYI: The line crew has already been out hard at work since 5 pm, so their dinner will be very delayed.
Who here DIDN’T think the power would go out with 60 mph winds?
UPDATE 10:18pm— the Electric Department are now restoring parts of the grid as available! Stay safe, hopefully we will have the lights back on soon!

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