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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ketchikan at Level 3-High


A comment from Rodney Dial

Friends, as most of you probably know our community risk level for COVID has been moved to high. We have 43 Active cases and a 2% positivity rate (% of tests given that come back as positive). Most from a single cluster, and many from contact with an infected family member.
It’s good to be concerned and take extra precautions. Many dedicated people across our island are working to get our numbers down as quickly as possible. Ketchikan has done remarkably well during this crisis and we are continuing to do so. We are, and have been “flattening the curve” since the start.
It’s important that you consider that what we are seeing locally is a reflection of a surge in cases worldwide. Cases are up just about everywhere. On the plus side we are continuing to do… far better… than most communities in the state, nation and even the world. Additionally, travel in/out of our community is continuing to decline so that should help as well.
To put our current situation into context… our positivity rate compared to other locations:
Bethel (Western Alaska Region) 22.4%
Anchorage 7.74%
Juneau 6.14%
Fairbanks 5.7%
Kodiak 3.51%
Ketchikan 2%
Europe as high as 16%
Middle East as high as 16.4%
Africa as high as 14.9%
South America as high as 42.7%...etc.
I need to be clear… I am not minimizing our current situation at all. I am hopeful that with everyone being a bit more careful and business taking additional precautions we can get back to moderate level within a week.
Please keep in mind that the goal is to manage this and find ways to live with COVID until it is no longer a threat. If we stopped all travel coming into our community, locked everyone in their homes for a month, we would likely get back to zero. However, the moment we opened back up we would still face the same risks as before.
We will have ups and downs, over and over again before this ends. We strive to find that sweet spot between no restrictions and full lockdowns that maximizes our quality of life and economic viability while offering the greatest protections possible.
Be concerned…be safe… don’t travel unless you need to and stay home if you are sick with something potentially contagious. With luck, we will get our numbers back down soon and keep our economy functioning as much as possible.
If you have questions, concerns or feedback you can always email me at
This is my opinion as a private citizen and I am not speaking for anyone else.

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