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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Photos of the 62 Pit Slide and New Road Closures

St. Nick 62 pit slide courtesy of 5 Eagle Photography [more pictures here]

Photo courtesy of Quent and Tami Jones

The City of Craig would like to thank the following people:

The City of Craig wishes to acknowledge the many individuals and business that contributed labor, equipment, and materials in response to the slides at Port St. Nicholas. The response has been remarkable.

Thanks to Chris Blanc, Brian Castle, Craig Tribal Association, David Creighton, Ellen Hannon, Chuck Hansen Family, Chuck Haydu, Klawock Cooperative Association, Joey Stiller, Petro Marine Services, Shaan-Seet Inc., Southeast Road Builders, Richard Trojan, Tyler Rental, Randy Wortman, and any and all others that we may have missed.

If we missed listing your name please excuse the oversight, and feel free to let us know that you helped in the response.

Road Closures according to the Tongass Forest Service

A new road closure and a new map for Prince of Wales:
- 2030120 Rd is closed at at MP 4.21
- 2050000 Rd has a landslide across it at MP 24 and is not passible to vehicle traffic.
- 2051000 Rd is closed at about MP 0.3 due to a severely damaged bridge and a logjam of debris.
- 2050050 Rd has a small slide coming off road near MP 0.74. Use caution.
- 2050300 Rd has rock debris covering the road at MP 5.06.
- 2050400 Rd has multiple landslides across it and is not passible after MP 3.

- 2050860 Rd has been taken out by a slide at MP 1.2. 

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