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Monday, December 21, 2020

[LETTER TO THE EDITOR] We Survive Together or Not at All


People who have reports to make need to realize that not everyone can get out to see things posted on boards or city hall or Grocery Stores. Some can not go to face book or tweet or other media because they do not have the equipment to do it. 

Something or Someones that are being left out of the cause for concern are people like myself with high risk disease that can not get out and are told by Doctor and or health concerns not to get out in public and stay home to be safe. 

I  have to get my groceries delivered and today I called and they could not deliver because of one of the employees at AC Klawock tested positive for Covid symptoms.  

I can not express enough how a simple wipe down of most of the things like freezer doors and picking up and putting back groceries has been a good way of stopping the germs. I ask if they would wipe down the carts and NO BOXES for delivery as they have already traveled who knows how many hands that are not sanitary or changing of gloves.  

The disabled, The elderly and the home self quarntined with no trans portation or way of getting food and or information to  people needs to come to a more efficent way of contact. 

I do not tweet or facebook and I will not as past problems and or the ability to type with Arthritis in my hands and unable to sit for long periods of time. This letter alone has taken over an hour to write. 

Please think of the Phone or email or bulk mail or something to let the many like myself and others who are unaware of what is going on. 

I did not know about the boiling water thing until I read this paper and thank the Spirits for this paper. If it comes from the city they have your address and your phone number. Please people let us all know. 



Naida M Bailey (Bandit)

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