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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Why Closed?


According to Klawock resident, Bob Trotter as appearing in the editorial section of the Ketchikan Daily News, Trotter posses the question and states,"Alaskans don't treat Alaskans this way." His story is that after working his hitch on the North slope and heading home he had a six hour layover at the Ted Stevens International Airport, he arrived in Ketchikan on December 9th at 8 A.M. He headed into the terminal and picked up his IFA walk-on ferry ticket and to wait until the afternoon sailing,he was told he could not wait inside even with social distancing and mask wearing. A big open 72 seat waiting area equipped with bathrooms and vending machines and not a soul in sight and worker all behind plexiglass enclosures and still with a outside temp of 37 degrees and normal blow and rain he was not allowed in the State of Alaska public facility.

He called AMHS General Manager Captain John Falvey who told him that in September all State buildings are closed to the public due to COVID, according to Trotter, " I explained I often travel working the slope and villages, and was concerned that the late fall and winter would be extremely difficult with no warm shelter while waiting for ferries. If you're traveling with bulky luggage, you can't just drag it inside some warm business to loiter while waiting." He also spoke with Sam Dapcevich, public information officer for the Southcoast Region of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, he said," it was the first he heard that passenger terminals are closed to the Public", he also said he would get back with Trotter and never did.

Trotter goes on the say, " I have eight grandchildren, and for our bureaucrats to force a grandpa to shiver for six hours outside a large, heated passenger terminal in December is a disgrace." It has also been reported that crew member heading to their work assignments on the vessels are also made to stand out in the cold because of inflexible rules that none in their cozy cubicle or home offices have to deal with.

It time we stand up for working Alaskans who work hard for the good of the State and their families, is COVID going to make us cold and indifferent or bring us together?, as a State and stronger as citizens, if you want to do something about this as Trotter says " contact Falvey or Dapcevich by email or phone, which can be found on the DOT&PF Office of the Commissioner website." If they don't hear from you, nothing will change..

Yours Truly,

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