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Thursday, January 28, 2021

2020 PFD Education Raffle Winners


Second Annual PFD Education Raffle Drawing Held in Juneau


January 27, 2021 (Juneau, AK) – Today the second annual drawing of the PFD Education Raffle was held at the State Office Building in Juneau. Alaska Department of Revenue officials, along with bill sponsor Senator Click Bishop, drew four winners from the 9,833 entries.


“Education touches all of us. We all want to help our schools, we all want to help Alaska’s kids, and this is a great opportunity to do that,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “This year more than $737,000 will go toward providing educational opportunities for our children. I am inspired to see Alaskans come together to support our children’s educational futures through the PFD Education Raffle.”


“I am humbled by the incredible support we’ve seen for the PFD Education Raffle. While a few lucky winners received a cash prize today, every child in Alaska is a winner thanks to this large investment in our public education system,” said Senator Click Bishop, R-Fairbanks.


“The Department of Revenue is thankful so many Alaskans contributed to the Education Raffle. During these challenging times it is wonderful to see that Alaskans continue to donate to an incredible cause – education for our children. This fund continues to grow thanks to the generosity of Alaskans. I’d like to thank Senator Bishop and the legislature for providing an opportunity for Alaskans to contribute to the education raffle,” said Commissioner Lucinda Mahoney, Alaska Department of Revenue.


The 2020 PFD Education Raffle winners will be notified by state officials. The winners are:
1st place: Abraham Horpestad 

2nd place: Rory Stark

3rd place: Mark Davis
4th place: Teresa Paukan


House Bill 213 established the PFD Education Raffle in 2018, allowing Alaskans to donate money from their PFD to public education in $100 increments per entry. In the first year of existence the Education Raffle had 8,698 contributions totaling $869,800. In its second year, the Raffle had 9,833 entries totaling $983,300.


As prescribed by law, 50% of the fund balance is allocated to supplemental education grants, 25% is allocated to the Education Endowment Fund, and 25% is allocated to the raffle fund. Of the raffle fund, first prize is 8% of the raffle fund; second prize is 4%; third prize is 2%; fourth prize is 1%; and the remaining 85% of the raffle fund will grow the fund for future year prize money.


Additional information on the PFD Education Raffle can be found here and here.

Click here to watch the drawing.


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