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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Participate in Thorne Bay's Recycling Project


From the City of Thorne Bay: 

Help us, help you by being a part of our Thorne Bay Team!

Our goal is to see how much waste Thorne Bay, on whole, produces. We are looking for families/people to participate in our project for ONE WEEK.

This project is just one step closer to helping your city

  1. Get more funds,
  2. Set up a recycling program (ESPECIALLY for plastics)
  3. Educating residents that out of sight/ out of mind doesn’t make garbage disappear!

That recycling works and helps make our island a cleaner /better place to live!
Just a little education- Did you know that up to 50% of household garbage is FOOD WASTE??
If you care about the future of generations to come, and the health of our planet, we would be happy to see you sign up!!

Contact Teri at City Hall (907) 828-3380


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