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Friday, June 4, 2021

[Letter to the Editor] Les Carter Committed Resume Fraud


Les Carter lied in his resume and in person to the community of Thorne bay. He has claimed he was prior military, (a navy seal) a sheriff in California, yet he won’t provide a copy of his masters degree he claims he has, or military discharge papers (DD214) he claimed job titles with the state of California that he never had according to the state of California website. He has committed resume fraud and these are the supporting documents. 

In 1995 he was charged with a lewd act with someone under 14 years old. The case went to Mental Health court and was dismissed in 1997. 

Les Carter claims it was not him but another person who was found to be at fault. That is a lie. In order to have a Mental Health Court Case, you must have you been diagnosed with a mental disorder in order for it to be heard in mental health court. Furthermore, they have programs in the State of California like this one, called Conditional Release Program (CONREP) that allow someone to not register as a child molester. Here is a link to another one program. 

Furthermore, he has claimed to multiple employees and the mayor, that Les Carter isn’t his real name. That is another lie. Here is a photo of him in high school with the same last name. ( Fourth Row down, far left)the second picture shows his name. 

Les Carter was suspended last week at a special city council meeting. He was given a two week suspension and allowed to return after two weeks. (All of which is paid time off) He has a total of 1 month to provide documentation proving all his claims. At the last city council meeting , there are still city council members defending him, saying they need to see proof he has been dishonest. Here it all is. Not hearsay, but proof. 

They have all this information though, which is why last nights comments from a city council member were disturbing. People in Thorne bay who know about this are on edge and scared to provide the rest of the community with these documents because at this point we are scared of what Les might do. If he can lie to this extent, what else is he willing to do. He openly admits to always carrying a gun no matter where he is and has shown members of the community and employees his concealed weapon multiple times.

Les Carter Thorne Bay City Administrator has had a recall petition signed:

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