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Friday, December 10, 2021

Delphi, Indiana Murderer Allegedly Used Ketchikan Police Officer's Photos

For nearly five years, police in Delphi, Indiana, have been trying to solve the case of two girls who were murdered near a railroad trestle. Now they're asking if anyone knows about a particular social media account featuring photos of a male model. Police say Kegan Anthony Kline is the man who created the fake account. He is now in jail awaiting trial for alleged possession of child porn. He has pleaded not guilty and has not been charged with any crime related to the Delphi case.


While investigating the double killing, authorities found a fake online profile called "anthony_shots," which used photos of a known male model and communicated with underage girls "to solicit nude images, obtain their addresses, and attempt to meet them," Indiana State Police said in a news release Monday.

Anthony_shots "portrayed himself as being extremely wealthy and owning numerous sports cars," police said. [...]

Police asked anyone who communicated with, met with or tried to meet the anthony_shots profile to contact law enforcement at or 765-822-3535. Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. Jeremy Piers wouldn't say if Abby and Libby communicated with the fake profile.

The Delphi case has been a mystery for years.


INDIANAPOLIS — The man whose photos were used in the fake social media account told WTHR Monday he didn't know his picture was being used until he saw Indiana State Police's press release Monday. According to WTHR, he is a model and police officer. He told the station that ISP did not reach out to let him know about the photos. 

"It wasn't until I saw their press release on their page to where I finally realized what had happened. I reached out to them after finding out and am in contact attempting to help in any way possible," he said. [....]

"It's frustrating as a police officer knowing that my photo was used for so many heinous crimes, and continues to be used as such," he said. "I feel incredibly helpless. I'd love to be there when they find  this guy so I can throw the cuffs on him myself." 

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