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Monday, January 3, 2022

Lt. Governor Kevin Meyer Announces Decision to Not Seek Re-election



December 28, 2021 (Anchorage) – Today, Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer announced he will not seek re-election in 2022 and released the following statement:


“Almost 30 years ago, I decided to run for the Anchorage Assembly. I committed myself to public service.  After eight years on the Assembly, eight in the House of Representatives, 10 in the State Senate, and now heading into my fourth year as Lt. Governor, I was driven by that commitment of listening to Alaskans, serving their interests, and doing my best every day.


During my time in public service, I have met some of the most incredible people, received wise counsel from other leaders, and had the extreme honor of working with some of the most dedicated public servants. 


And sharing moments with the people I serve has always been the high point of my career. I am deeply touched by the support over so many years just as I am honored by the trust and faith Alaskans have placed in me to represent you.


But just as every journey has a beginning so too does it have an end.

I am announcing today that I will not be running for re-election in 2022.


During this journey, my wife Marty and I have had the pleasure of raising two fine daughters and we look forward to spending more time with them.


But this is not the end. I will be your champion in Juneau for another year, and I am determined to make the most of that time. Next year we have significant challenges to face:


  • We must complete the redistricting process and quickly educate all voters of the new districts and precincts and voting locations.
  • We must be prepared to conduct elections knowing COVID is still a concern.
  • We must implement a new way of voting in both the Primary and General Elections with the passage of Ballot Measure 2 and its Top 4 Primary and Ranked Choice Voting General.
  • Election integrity will continue to be a priority, and we will advocate and promote legislative and statutory changes to help ensure trust in our elections.
  • Issues on the ballot like a Constitutional Convention and potential ballot initiatives will be prominent this year.


I feel that being impartial and not running for office will free me up to meet these challenges head-on and without bias or conflict. This will be an election unlike any other, and it will require all my focus.


It has been an honor to work closely with and serve as the Lieutenant Governor alongside Governor Mike Dunleavy. He has strongly led our great State of Alaska.


It has been a distinct honor and a true privilege to serve you and all Alaskans during my time in Juneau. God bless everyone and God bless the State of Alaska.”

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