Craig Centennial Events 2022 schedule - P.O.W. Report

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Craig Centennial Events 2022 schedule


February 26, Saturday at noon Clean Up! North Cove Harbor

February 27, Sunday at 4pm Hill Bar Pot Luck and “I remember When” hosted by Ralph Mackie

March 1, Tuesday at 6pm at the Craig City Gym, Birthday Party!
Film premier, Honoring our City history and those who have made Craig a successful City! Youth Contest winners. Historical timeline, Talks by a few local dignitaries, trivia and a 100 second Free Throw competition! Fireworks if the weather permits.

Centennial Birthday Party, March 1, 2022
6pm, Craig City Gym
6pm Welcome by Doug Rhodes
Food Served
6:10 Boy Scouts Present the colors
6:15 Contest Winners
6:30 Film Premier-Katrina Peavey
6:50 Honorary Speakers
Denis Watson
Millie Schoonover
7:20 pm Trivia
7:35 Ralph Mackie
Tim O’Connor
Brian Templin
8:05 Contest Winners
8:15 pm Free Throw Contest- (100 seconds most baskets)

March 5, Saturday at 7pm at TKS Restaurant in the Craig Inn
a final history night of “I Remember When” with Doug Rhodes.

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