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Monday, February 21, 2022

Washington State Targets Alaska's Fuel Cost


Washington State is currently debating a tax that targets Alaska’s fuel costs.

(The Center Square) – A four-bill package introduced this week by Democrats in Washington state looks to tax gasoline and diesel fuel that is shipped from refineries in the Puget Sound area to Alaska, Idaho and Oregon.

Called “Move Ahead Washington,” the legislation would raise $16 billion over 16 years. The money would go toward a variety of transportation issues, including highway repair and construction, bridge replacements and new hydro-electric ferries.

The tax on fuel exports would be 6 cents per gallon and would raise $2 billion. Neither Idaho nor Oregon have any fuel refineries and Alaska, despite being rich in oil production, has just one. [...]

The legislation could impact other states as well. It would levy the tax on fuel shipped to any other state with a lower gas tax than Washington’s 49.4 cents per gallon. Drivers in Oregon pay 38 cents per gallon, while Idaho is at 33 cents and Alaska is just shy of 9 cents per gallon.

Alaska State Representative Kevin McCabe speaks about the colonialism and hypocrisy of Washington state with this legislation. The comments start at 1:17:00


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