City of Craig Council Meeting Highlights 3/19/15 - P.O.W. Report

Thursday, April 23, 2015

City of Craig Council Meeting Highlights 3/19/15

Chairman Don Pierce called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and the roll was taken. Present were, Jim See, Joni Kuntz, Hannah Bazinet, Jan Storbakken, and Mike Douville. Absent excused was Dennis Watson. Staff present: Jon Bolling, City Administrator; Joyce Mason, Treasurer; Kassi Bateman, City Clerk; Mike Peele, Harbormaster; Jessica Holloway, Aquatic Center Manager; Victoria Merrit, Parks and Recreation Manager; RJ Ely, Police Chief; Ron McIntosh, Public Works Director. Audience present: Leonard Williams, Bobbie Sipes
Treasurer- Bond settled March 17. The bond proceeds were $1,810,000. Joyce has received the electronic blue cards for property tax.
Police Chief- Provided a written report and added that the police officer position has been filled. One of RJ’s employees just reached her 20 year mark.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS Tract 15 Potential Development (Ptarmigan Subdivision) Brian prepared a memo regarding possible development of Tract 15, and had prepared a motion recommended “Concept D” for development. If the council chooses to subdivide for residential purposes the land will need to be rezoned from public to residential. The Planning Commission has not spoken to adjacent property owners as of yet. Staff is waiting for council direction. DOUVILLE/KUNTZ moved to direct staff to begin work on development of Concept D to develop Tract 15, USS 2611 for residential lots. Including surveying, appraisal, roads and utilities using funds from the city’s land development fund. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
Upcoming Ordinance NO. 663:
CITY OF CRAIG ORDINANCE NO. 663 An Ordinance Establishing a Limited Moratorium on the Receipt or Processing of Applications, Permits, or Pending Approvals Pertaining to Marijuana Establishments.
Section 1. Classification. This is a non-code ordinance. Section 2. Severability If any provision of this ordinance or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of this ordinance and the application to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby. Section 3. Effective Date. This ordinance shall be effective immediately upon adoption. Section 4. Action. The Craig City Council finds the following.
WHEREAS, on November 4, 2014, the Alaskan voters approved a ballot measure legalizing the use of marijuana, and, with a State license, the operation of marijuana establishments, defined as cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail facilities; and
WHEREAS, the initiative, which goes into effect on February 24, 2015, requires the State to begin accepting and processing applications for the registration of marijuana establishments within one year of the effective date of the act; and
WHEREAS, the initiative authorizes local governments to enact legislation concerning the time, place, and manner related to the operation of registered marijuana establishments, or the prohibition of marijuana establishments; and
WHEREAS, it is in the public’s best interest that the Craig City Council thoughtfully consider and adopt legislation regulating marijuana establishments within the City of Craig; and
WHEREAS, the purpose of this moratorium is to allow the City of Craig a reasonable period of time to consider and enact legislation concerning the operation of commercial marijuana establishments in the Craig city limits.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE CRAIG CITY COUNCIL: Moratorium. The City of Craig shall accept no development permit application, proposal, or other documentation for a similar purpose, nor act on pending applications, proposals, or documentation for a similar purpose, pertaining to marijuana establishments, including marijuana cultivation, testing, and product manufacturing facilities and marijuana retail stores. The prohibition imposed by this section shall remain in effect until March 31, 2016. Adopted this __________ day of _______________________, 2015. ______________________________ ATTEST _________________________________ Mayor Dennis Watson Kassi Bateman, City Clerk

Highlights from Chief of Police Memo:

Benjamin “Ben” Page has been offered and excepted the open police officer position. He will arrive April 3, 2015 and start working April 6, 2015. He is married and has two young children. Sgt. Medina is in Anchorage, attending A.L.E.R.R.T. Training. He will be back this weekend.
Ofc. D’Amelio has obtained his basic police officer certification and it will be presented to him, during a staff meeting.

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