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Friday, October 23, 2015

Governor Press Release Walker to Host Legislative Briefing

No. 15-139
Contact: Katie Marquette, Press Secretary – (907) 269-7447
Aileen Cole, Deputy Press Secretary – (907) 269-7458

Governor Walker to Host Legislative Briefing on Saturday October 21, 2015 ANCHORAGE –

Governor Bill Walker and members of his gasline team will host a briefing for lawmakers and the general public on Sat., Oct. 24 from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m. in preparation for the gasline special session. The event will be held at Centennial Hall in Juneau and will be aired live on Gavel to Gavel.

“With a $3.5 billion budget deficit, building a gasline is our state’s number one get well card,” said Governor Walker. “The purpose of this briefing is to outline my special session legislation to lawmakers, so they have a clear understanding of my intent. I want this session to be a success, so starting out with this informational briefing is critically important.” 

Starting Saturday, lawmakers will convene in Juneau for a 30-day special session, which Governor Walker called last month. During that time, the Legislature will consider the Governor’s proposal to buy TransCanadfa’s share of the gas pipeline and gas treatment facility, and his proposal to impose an ad valorem tax on gas leases that are not committed to the Alaska LNG project.

Governor Walker stressed that these items are critical to moving forward a gasline project in the best interest of Alaskans. “I am looking forward to working with lawmakers during this special session,” Governor Walker said. “It is imperative that we not only have a seat at the table in the Alaska LNG process but that we have taken the steps to incentivize our partners to choose to commit the gas within their leases to an Alaska LNG project.”

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