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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Editorial: Don't Encourage Your Kids to Go to College

Why College is a Scam and You Shouldn't Go

What is depressing is that unfortunately this video isn’t a parody or a joke of the Modern Education system but rather an accurate depiction of what it’s like to go to Modern Universities today--take it from someone who went there.

Students aren’t learning anything anymore or being taught to “expand” their minds, hell, they are even being beaten at Debates by Prison Teams . Not to disparage our inmates across this country but if a prestigious university which charges $60,000 a year for ‘higher education’ is beaten by criminals, why are you even going there? The university is clearly not a center of superb “Excellence” but rather a university of “Sub-par” indoctrination.

Cost of Education

It is no longer a secret, since 1986, the tuition at American Universities has sky rocketed 500%. Yet, US inflation has only gone up 1/5th that since the mid 1980's….it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that thousands of students every year are being scammed into paying astronomical costs for an education whose benefits are highly circumspect.

The economy still hasn’t recovered from the Recession in 2008, those not in the labor force is at a record high of 94 million, Most graduates aren’t working in their degree field, many grads are unemployed or underemployed and for those American’s who are fortunate enough to have a job—71% of them are making less than 50$k a year!

So, why would you burden your kids or yourself with crippling debt before they even have a chance to live their life?

We all know that debt is slavery, but what most refuse to accept is that College has become a scam.

You parents grew up in a different time and a different Generation. You don’t quite realize how much has changed for the worse both economically and culturally since you where in high school, let alone in just the last 10 years. “Back in the day” (my youth is showing) "College" used to be prestigious and meant something, however, for one reason or another you couldn’t go and after having kids you wanted to live vicariously through them and have them accomplish something you could not. Hence, the huge (but well meaning) push for millennials to go to college by their parents.

The problem is that unless you get a STEM Degree, a majority of degrees kids get are completely useless, yes Art’s degrees (of which I have one) are completely useless in real life.

Do you want to be an Artist? Then paint! 

Do you want to be a Musician? Then join a band and play!

Do you want to be an Actor? Then move to a bigger city and join a theatre production!

Do you want to become a better communicator? Getting past the ridiculous notion of a “Communication Degree” go and volunteer in your community or better yet, get a retail job where you are forced to learn communication skills.

With the advent of the Internet, anyone can become a master designer, mechanic, actor, musician, or artist for the low, low price of a monthly Internet connection. Youtube has a devoted channel for whatever you want to learn, from people who have nothing better to do than help you, become a more ‘educated’ you.

Please make the right decision and be a ‘parent’ to your kids and not their ‘friend’

If your kid or (God forbid you!) wants to go to college for a useless degree, do not support them financially! Have a serious conversation with them about economics, the job labor market, their terrible life choices, etc… and convince them that they are better served by moving out of the house, getting a job, renting an apartment, buying a monthly internet service and learning (insert useless hobby) on their free time.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went through the horrible mistake of college and watched 70% of my friends make the same mistake. We are now saddled with 10 years of college debt that we can’t default on, we can’t afford to buy a house, we can’t afford to start a family, we can’t afford to live our dreams.

The road to freedom, happiness, and success lies in being debt free.

With the economy the way it is and the absurd college/tuition bubble, the risks to your freedom and happiness by going to college far outweigh the benefits.

Stay Classy Prince of Wales!
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