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Friday, April 1, 2016

Digital Amnesia....A Good Thing? I don't think So...

I ran across this article from the Daily Mail this week; 'Digital amnesia' can be a GOOD for you: Relying on phones to remember everyday items frees our brains to be more creative that successfully made me get worked up. The thesis to the article is this:
a report has found that by forgetting information entrusted to a digital device, such as phone numbers or directions, can make people more creative.

Now at first, that sounds interesting even intriguing. However, take a second to re-read that quote and realize the absolute crass implications it is trying to jam down our gullets:

By being lazy, forgetful, intentionally short sighted--it makes you MORE creative...
This is absolutely mind-blowing pandering to the general population! "Oh Susie Q, it's ok that you are lazy, forgetful, messy and constantly on an internet connection. What that means is that you are MORE creative!"

The problem with being 'creative' is that one actually needs to 'create.' And one cannot 'create' if they are constantly kicking the can down the road via a 'to do list' on your iphone that you in fact never get to or sitting at home and watching television.

Did you know Americans are spending 8 hours a DAY consuming media?

Explain to me how consuming that much media leads to a MORE creative you? Obviously this is a rhetorical question as it clearly doesn't and never will. What digital amnesia does is create obesity, lethargy, depression, substance abuse and decreasing ambition.Yet this study was done by a supposedly elite research firm Opinion Matters for Kaspersky Lab. The fact that these 'elites'  are coming up with such garbage 'studies' (using undoubtably tax payer money) which are demonstrably wrong, is just more evidence for the failure of our education system.  Some may argue that digital amnesia is different from media/digital consumption but I find them intrinsically linked.

Unplug from the Matrix and actually BE creative

We are still in the blooms of a new year. The Spring is upon us and Summer is around the corner (any bets on how rainy this summer will be?) but there is still plenty of time to get your goals accomplished. I understand how difficult it is to cut off media consumption and I'm not saying to end it cold-turkey. However, designate a time every night to be 'media free' and use those precious moments to work on your hobby or that project that you've been putting off all year. 

Until next time, cheers!

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