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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking Care of Our Own...Fundraising for our Own Community

I want to talk about taking care of our own... 

Our own family, our own neighbors, our own communities, our own State and our own Nation. I keep seeing fundraiser commercials on television, on radio, in newspapers and on billboards, for charities in other countries--to take care of other nations problems. But what about our own communities?

I see people here on this very Island bristling with zeal, fundraising and spending thousands of their own dollars to go to a foreign country, to "help". However,  I can't "help" but think to my self "are they really going over there for a selfless reason to "help" or are they going there on a vacation?"

Serious question.

The Culture of this Island from the Native communities, to the rural bush Islanders is so Unique that it's routinely featured in magazines, books, and even on television. People spend thousands of dollars every year to come up here for vacation and become enamored with this Island and all its pent up potential; and then year after year, they come back and nothing changes.

Why are we not focusing our energy on this. OUR. Community?

Look, I get it that the world is full terrible things and starving people (insert calamity) but let's face reality, you aren't actually doing any of those communities any real long term good. All you are doing is stroking your ego. Most of these charities that we send money too or travel to help, are in countries with Dictators, where in a few years the house you built will be demolished, the garden you planted will be burned and the people you met displaced. That's just a fact.

However, if you put the same amount of time, energy and money in your own backyard, it actually has an immediate long lasting effect for the community. Your children will benefit from the fruits of your labour, your grandkids, your friends, your neighbors and visitors may even flock to the island for your special event, endeavor, project, creation!

Case in Point: the Island Marathon. That vision. That passion. Attracts people from all corners of the nation and even parts of the world. Why donate to a foreign marathon when you have one in your own city?

Why build a church in some thankless foreign nation, when we have churches on our own island that are in disrepair?

Why go and teach other people how to speak a foreign language when this Island has its OWN dying languages that are in desperate need for revival?

I get it that people want to go on vacation but don't be disingenuous. If you need a vacation, go on one. If you truly want to help and be of service:

Be of help and be of service to THIS community.

  • Don't know where to start? Write articles for this website. Send me news links and Ads. Spread the word that a place exists where your voice can be heard.

  • Volunteer once a month.

  • Go to the community events that are planned instead of sitting at home.

Where there's a will there's a way.

Be of help and be of service to THIS community, Don't waste money on nations that ultimately won't make a difference.


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  1. I was just talking to someone about this a few weeks back. You make a very good point and everyone should take pride in helping OUR community for the better.

  2. Thank you!

    I don't know what the reason is, (perhaps it's the Internet?) but I feel like there has been less and less community engagement in the last few years--wherever you go, it's nation wide. I just hope that people will slowly again start realizing that our community has a lot to offer, if only people came together with a unified mission and goal.


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