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Friday, May 27, 2016

My Mission Statement (Why I Am Running this Website)

Why am I doing this?

I wrote before explaining what motivates me but I wanted to expand a little bit more and give you a background for who I am as a person.

My name is Arthur Martin. I was born in the Soviet Union in Ukraine. In the country that I was born in and grew up in you where fired for stating your beliefsYou where censored for the political party you supported. Common sense beliefs where considered bigoted. Unemployment was at record highs. Government controlled housing and children lived at home in record numbers...just to name a few.

The United States of America that I legally immigrated to has become the 'United Soviet Union of America'. Spending any moment of time outside of this country and out of the 'fish bowl' it is easy to see this. We have no true freedom of speech ladies and gentlemen and I find it 'Yuugely' ironic that I escaped one oppressive country as a child only to enter my adult-hood in another oppressive and useless country that is failing it's children.

So why am I running this website?

1. It needs to be done and there is a need for it.

2. I am naturally curious and love to research and pay attention to current events.

3. I know that most people don't give a shit about current events or politics (or have the time) but politics controls EVERYTHING....

The reason why I created this web site is to keep you informed. From City Council, to School board, to State news, to National news, and Global events--to find the truth and present it to you.

Sometimes, the truth hurts....It's uncomfortable and it's offensive.... and as a news website...frankly I don't care about your feelings. I want to. Yes. I wan't as many subscribers as possible but ladies and gentlemen the truth is uncomfortable and it's supposed to be. We are heading towards a new world crisis that we haven't seen in generations...I know that sounds crazy...but it has been 70 years since we where in a major conflict world wide.

Yes. I know it sounds conspiratorial, but ask yourself, 'is there an abnormally high amount of cultural and political tension in the world?' Can't you feel it in this country? Can't you feel it in Europe? As a legal immigrant to this country, I have a different perspective because I have lived outside of the fish bowl that we call the USA. I was born and spent my childhood in the Soviet Union. Nobody thought that the Soviet Union would collapse, the critics thought the Union was a juggernaut that would last forever. Clearly this was not the case.

America today is trending in near tandem with what the Soviet Union was going through before it's collapse and take it from someone whose country no longer exists--America will collapse. The question is, when?

What's Next?

There is a man that I ran across on the internet a year ago and followed ever since named Martin Armstrong. He created a computer model that predicts economic, political and social trends based on the number Pi. I respect this gentleman having read through his entire website and validated all his predictions and I believe without a doubt he is legitimate. However, each can decide on their own here. 

His latest article struck me and I wanted to share with my readers because between the Alaskan debt crisis and what's happening with the US economy. I believe that he is spot on and he exemplifies why I started this website. I am here to give you the facts. No matter how offensive. It's not about right vs left. Democrat vs. Republican. It's about truth vs fiction:

ECM 2015.75: The Rock vs. Hard Place 

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, with your 2015.75 turning point on the ECM, you said that was the peak in government and the following 4.3 years would turn down rather hard. You also said 2016 would be a strong rise in 3rd party activity and people are now talking even about Bernie running 3rd party. You said 2017 would be the year from political hell and it looks really crazy here in Europe and with Merkel gone, everything will change. Then you said the monetary system would change by 2020 but could come as early as 2018. You said interest rates would start to rise in 2016 as early as March and that would be the fuel behind the dollar and help create the Sovereign Debt Crisis. I understand this is not your opinion and I can now see how each is linked to create the trend. The Berlin conference was fantastic and really helped me understand how this all fits together. My question is simply this. Do you have any idea what the type of monetary system we are headed into? What survives? You said the IMF is trying to position itself for that role which you opposed. Any clue yet?

ANSWER: The Fed is between a rock and a hard place and is trying to be that little flower that sees the light. It has two choices: (1) deal with the pension crisis at home by raising rates to prevent defaults, or (2) keep rates low to save other governments in emerging markets who continue to borrow and are doomed anyhow. Then there is the question of whether the budget deficit in the USA will explode with rising rates.

The Fed has really lost control of the economy, but the mainstream still needs to figure this out. Our model goes nuts from 2018 into 2020. This is part of the peak in 2015.75. Of course, the general public does not see this yet. They should by next year and then the game will change. 
Quiet-into-LightGovernments will not go quietly into the light. They will rage at every possible moment. They are moving toward electronic money since their solution is to force everyone to pay whatever tax they demand. On January 1, 2017, G20 will begin sharing info on everyone. Compliance in business will cost tens of billions of dollars alone. Even companies who do not have foreign clients will have to confirm they do not.

Naturally, governments will act in the most stupid manner for they will not reform. Even if they grab everything, it would not be enough to save them. So be prepared. They will get very punitive. Expect crazy laws to benefit them like constitutional amendments. They will find whatever excuse to confiscate assets; mere suspicion will become proof and it will be your burden to prove innocence.
The old guard is near death. People like John McCain and Barbara Boxer, who was shut down in California, are out the door. We are looking at new people coming to power — the changing of the guard. In this respect, Trump is part of the new and Hillary is the old world of corrupt politics. We are turning the corner. Those in government remain clueless.

What survives is always tangible assets be it land, industry, shares, or something of value like gold, silver, antiques, etc. Whatever currency we use is only a medium of exchange between tangible assets. Currency is not “money,” it never holds its value, and by no means is it a store of wealth. It is just a medium of exchange like a language. So whatever we end up with, which I believe will be some basket of currencies, will become the new medium of exchange through which everything else if measured
Until then carry on and thank you for reading PowReport!

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  1. Arthur; I am just on person, but I completely ......YUGELY in agreement with your editorial.You know what? I've only been skimming over you posts, but after this, I will take the attention that I put on cats, dogs, and chit chat, on to your submissions.
    Thank you....SHARING!

    BTW, have you given thought to a newsletter for email addresses (subscriptions )? Frankly I don't care a whole lot about local events but like you, I am a news hound. I love/hate learning about the truths in our lives.....not spin or propaganda.
    Anyway, I hope you don't give up on POW too soon It takes time for people to wake up around here. You will get negatives,'s part of the fecal game! 💮

  2. PS.....proofread, I did not 😕

  3. Thank you Kathryn I really appreciate the support and encouragement!

    There is an option to "subscribe" via email for posts on the website but unfortunately there isn't an option to pick which posts you will be notified on--in other words you will get an email for any and all posts that I make on this website.

    If you are just curious about reading the editorials, I write them every Friday so you can just come back then if you don't want to bombarded with emails :-)

    PS What I post on Facebook is not necessarily what I post on this website.


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