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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Governor Welcomes Support for Alaska’s Energy Efficiency Efforts


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Governor Welcomes Support for Alaska’s Energy Efficiency Efforts

June 16, 2016 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker welcomed news from the National Governor’s Association Center for Best Practices that Alaska was among four states awarded a competitive grant to advance the state’s energy efficiency efforts. The nonprofit association will provide technical support and expertise tailored to the specific priorities and needs identified by the state and stakeholders.

Governor Walker wrote in his application letter to NGA: “Alaska experiences some of the highest-cost energy in the nation, along with some of the coldest temperatures. This combination makes energy costs cumbersome for families, communities and businesses, and is a hindrance to economic development. This is especially the case in rural Alaska.”

Increasing energy efficiency is an easy and effective tool for reducing the burden of high energy costs. Energy efficiency can also reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, and be a positive economic generator.

The other three states receiving NGA assistance are Michigan, New Hampshire and Virginia. NGA noted that energy-efficiency strategies help states reduce waste, lower costs for consumers, improve building quality, enhance economic development and meet environmental goals.

The Alaska Legislature in 2010 set a goal of increasing energy efficiency 15 percent by 2020. This technical assistance award will help Alaska achieve that goal and reap the many benefits of energy efficiency.

Leading the Alaska project is a public-private team comprised of staff from the Governor’s Office, the Alaska Energy Authority and the Alaska Power Association. The project will engage a broad cross-section of interested Alaskans.

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