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Thursday, June 30, 2016

#Pray for Turkey...

I specialized in Political Science while attending college. Although you may not agree with my politics. It is EVERY where and it would do us good to pay attention and discuss issues--even when we disagree. Because we are also in a Presidential year, I will also start following politics Nationwide and World-Wide and my focus will be on events and issues that you may not be paying attention to.                                                                                                                      If you are easily triggered please close the article...

Pray for Turkey Constantinople 

Welp, another week another Islamic Terrorist attack. When will the western world wake up and realize that we need to STOP being pathological altruists?! No. Not everyone is a civilized human-being. No. Not everyone deserves to be 'loved'. No. Not everyone deserves to be helped. Most of the world is an EVIL place and 'they' Especially. Especially, hate the Western world which has created an abundance of resources and freedom.

Perhaps, it's exactly this abundance of resources and freedom that has made most Western Society Fat and Lazy (quite literally) and ignorant of the evil in this world. The Western populace doesn't travel the world. They travel only to vacation destinations that have an abundance of tequila and BBQ's. If the Western populace actually traveled to Communist countries or to 3rd world hell holes the West would realize that we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT help everyone but what we can do is help ourselves.  A greater lesson the West would then learn is stopping the import of EVIL people who want to kill and rape your little girls:

Which is why I have zero sympathy for these people who continue to defend Islam and Terrorism and post virtue signaling posts on Facebook such as #PrayforOrlando or #PrayforParis. No, we don't need to pray. We need to stand up for our nation. For our borders. For our children. So that OUR children have a future. Which is why #Brexit was such a great positive for the people. Finally, the ordinary citizen is standing up for their Western Children and wanting them to have a future. Let's face it, open borders immigration is NOT the path for a safe future. It's the path for more shootings:

64% of the last Deadliest Shootings Where "Diverse"

Does it need to be asked, 'If you can't take care of yourself how can you take care of others?' Obviously, 'others' [migrants] don't care about us or our community. Migrants only care about free hand-outs that the locals who pay taxes can give them. Unlike yours truly, who went to college, has a degree, and is a redeeming member of the state and nation. Most migrants have low skills and low IQ, refuse to speak English, bring 3rd world diseases with them but more importantly they refuse to integrate and bring their violent culture with them:


 It's time we wake up because 3rd world violence is coming to America. Or would you rather continue to #Prayfor____________________________the next place to be bombed and attacked by the religion of peace: Islam.

Update July 1, 2016: 

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