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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Best Soviet Union Comedy Movies with Subtitles on YouTube

It's no secret that I was born in the Soviet Union shortly before its collapse. I grew up watching these movies which are 'classics'. They are old and made in the 70's (if I remember correctly) but some of you may enjoy these:

The Diamond Arm

An eccentric comedy about a modest clerk, Semyon Semyonovich, who during his tour abroad gets into the middle of a smuggling operation. He is taken for a messenger and a piece of plaster of Paris jewelry is applied on his hand to get them over the border.
(This is my favorite one)

Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures

A series of eccentric comedies, where the protagonist, a student named Shurik, either reforms an idler on a construction site, or frantically prepares for an exam with his friend without noticing the friend is a girl. He also catches three burglars without help when they decide to rob a warehouse.

The Caucasian Prisoner

An eccentric comedy about a student named Shurik, who goes to the Caucasus for work and meets local chief Saakhov, a man full of guile. He, with an assistance of the famous crooks Trus, Balbes and Byvaly, abducts the beautiful Nina.

Ivan Vasilievich Changes Professions

An eccentric comedy based on M. Bulgakov’s play “Ivan Vassilevich” about a time machine, which helps czar Ivan the Terrible get into the XXth century, and a house-manager Bunsh burglar Gorge into Old Russia.

Love and Doves

A worker of the forest management has a wife and three kids and he is keen on pigeon breeding. For the first time he gets an all-expenses-paid trip to the health resort. There he meets a lady and is ensnared in her love trap, but he recollects himself in time and comes back home to gives himself up. His wife cannot resist her husband’s genuine repentance.

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