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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet and Greet with Lisa Murkowski at Shelter Cove August 8, 2016 [Jan Trojan Reports]

 Jan Trojan met Senator Lisa Murkowski on Monday and Reports:

In attendance where Mayor Dennis Watson, Council member Jim See, myself and Administrator Jon Bolling. Millie Schnnover, Sam Thomas, Lawrence Armour, Lisa Knees and several other citizens where also present.

I loved a couple of the Senator's points, especially in her emphasis on "planning and prioritizing" because this fiscal year will be very strained; both State-wide and Nationally. She continued and talked about creating "Your vision and shooting for it." Which, I personally took to heart and can relate to.

She said, "You need to have a direction to sail to," which I feel all the Island communities can also relate with.

All of us on Prince of Wales really need to work together again, especially in regards to her points about the upcoming State fiscal crisis. Eventually, the communities will be left to dry with no State help and little money flowing from the Federal government.

I love Prince of Wales and I'm glad Lisa brought up the points that she did because, again, we need to work together and help the Chamber with Economic development that can reach out to all the communities--not just Craig or Klawock.

Lisa Knees (a speech pathologist on the Island) mentioned to the Senator the situation with the Office of Children Services who are having a difficult time keepings folks on the Island. Murkowski sympathized and said that it's not just a POW issue but the same phenomenon is happening across the State.

Sometimes I feel like it's a waste of time meeting with politicians, however with Lisa Murkowski, I didn't feel like it was a waste as she brought up and answered quite a few issues. Among those is "why does healthcare cost so much?" The reason, explained Murkowski, is that "All of Alaska (excluding Anchorage) is a 'high risk' stemming from the challenging geography. So, the costs are that much higher.

I am confident that Lisa Murkowski has the vision and the experience to help us. She truly loves Alaska and I think that we have a sweet spot in her heart (after all she is from Southeast!)

I hope folks become politically active in their communities and take the next step, we can’t always bank on fishing and logging for forever....

Until next time!

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