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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Coffman Cove Library Awarded a Grant for Early Literacy Center

The Coffman Cove Community Library has been awarded funding to develop the existing children’s room into an early literacy center for the youth of the community. This grant, for the amount of $10,000, has been awarded by The Crossett Fund, which is dedicated to projects that improve the health and education of children in Southeast Alaska.

The funding for this project will be used to renovate the current children’s room, acquire early learning toys and materials, and fund a part-time position for an Early Literacy Specialist who will deliver storytimes and programming on a weekly basis. Progress towards the development of the Early Literacy Center is currently underway. Community members who wish to be involved in the project or provide input or suggestions are encouraged to do so. Updates will be posted on the Coffman Cove Community Library Facebook page.

The development of this program and the grant application were completed through the work of the AmeriCorps VISTA Libraries Build Communities project, which focuses on early literacy, financial literacy, and digital literacy.
For more information check out the Coffman Cove Library Facebook Page 

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