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Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Won't Always Agree with POW Report...and That's Ok

As POW Report continues to grow:

Not Too Bad for a Small Island News Site!

Twitter gets more impressions but it caters to a larger audience

There is something that I want to make clear, oh dear reader. I will often write posts that you will disagree with (just wait for next week!)... If that happens, that's ok. Either ignore it. Stop reading. Or give me an eloquent refutation of my opinion.

In today's world, people have a difficult time disassociating personal opinion from a business opinion. What I write on my personal Facebook is not a reflection of what I write on POWReport and what I post on Twitter (or as I like to call it "twatter") is not a reflection of my POWReport posts or my Facebook personal posts and opinions.

Here's what I mean

Today, in order to succeed in life one has to branch out and put his (or her) fingers in a lot of pies (but be careful too many pies make you fat!)

Because of the nature of the modern world, a person (your dearest editor), has to adapt like the interminable honey badger and become the medium that is acceptable where he is at. In a dance hall, you dance, in a business room you do business, at a party you party (and then pray to the dear lord--seven ounce baby Jesus--that nobody took pictures when you wake up the next morning).

This is the same tactic that I have taken with POWReport

As much as I want EVERYONE to read this fledgling media empire, I understand that it is unrealistic. Some of you will see my personal Facebook posts and never ever read the news website again. Some of you only read my POWReport Facebook highlights and never go on the website page. Some of you can't get enough of my webpage and wish I would write more opinions. Some of you may just enjoy listening to my podcasts and get a kick out of the fact that I sound like William Shatner (this wasn't intentional I promise).

What I want you to take away from this post, is the fact that in order for this media forum to prosper I have to (for a lack of a better word) "act" in different ways on different platforms.

My hope is that you find a platform where you like my brand be it; FacebookTwitterwebpage or podcast, and enjoy it for what it is and not become offended. If you don't like any of it then it's the damn internet, just shut it off.

Or better yet, if there is a news story you heard share it with the website! If there is a cool picture you took share it with the site! This website was a medium designed for everyone. I even made a "forums section" so people can talk about whatever they want--not one person has used it.

That all said, when you meet me just remember that I'm trying to provide you a service and what I write may not necessarily be who I am in real life...and visa versa. My job (and yes I do work for you) is to create stimulating discussions and provide the cutting edge in news and media. Don't believe me? Read this. My goals haven't changed.

Until next time, stay classy!

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