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Friday, September 16, 2016

A Frank Discussion: It's Time to Boycott the NFL (Cancel Your NFL Sunday Ticket)

Unless you live under a rock, the NFL has unfortunately become prey to politics. If you were trying to enjoy a little football this year you would have noticed that San Francisco quarterback Kaepernick "took a knee" during the National Anthem. When asked why he did it, his non-answer involved "something, something black oppression." Then during practice he donned socks that had pigs as cops.

I'm sure the socks were to show solidarity with terrorist agitators BLM, whom famously chanted, "Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'em like Bacon" which coincided with a marked increase of American Cop Assassinations in this last year. Now, on Sunday during the Dolphins vs Seahawks game, the politicization of "sports" continued with several Dolphin players taking a knee and the entire Seahawks team locking arms in "solidarity with BLM. 

A series of national-anthem protests have gotten people talking, but the Seahawks want to know what people are doing.

That, players say, was the impetus behind the team’s decision to lock arms during “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Sunday’s game vs. Miami. They weren’t trying to spark a reaction. They were trying to spark action.

Anyone who follows the Seahawks knows the team’s players aren’t shy about speaking out on issues. Michael Bennett wore a “Black Lives Matter” shirt on the first day of training camp, Richard Sherman delivers social soliloquies every other interview, and Cliff Avril noted the team-wide debates that frequently take place in the locker room. [Source]

Why Should I Care? 

When is the last time that you showed up to work in cop pig socks and whenever a customer came in, instead of doing your job, you went on a tirade about "something, something oppression?"


How long do you think you would hold your job if you tried to give your political opinion at your job? 

Not very damn long!

That's right. What people tend to forget is that being a football player is a job! They aren't paid to bitch about their personal prejudice, just like you aren't paid to bitch about your personal prejudice while at work. Now what you do on your off-time is your own business, but NFL players and for that matter, Actors, Musicians, and Artists should not be exempt from the exact same standards that us poor schmucks are subject to.

It's Time to Boycott the NFL

I'm still pretty young, but I remember a time when actors, musicians, and entertainers had some respect for their customers and didn't want to alienate the everyday consumer that paid them. Somehow, somewhere that has changed and with this latest politicization of the NFL games---it's clear that the organization doesn't care about its customers (who just want to relax and enjoy a game) but instead insist on pushing a political agenda. 

I'm not here to debate the merits of the NFL players' protests regarding 'black lives' and 'black oppression'. It's the principle that matters. Why can't I enjoy "sports" without a constant barrage of politics?

Talking about Sports...the NFL isn't a Sport...It's "Entertainment"

In researching for this article I stumbled across a few very interesting gems: 

  • There are no "individual" team "franchises" but rather all the teams are owned by the NFL Corporation and "all revenue is shared." Meaning that you get no penalty if you own the Patriots or Kansas City. 
  • The NFL Referees are part-time employees of the NFL, are paid less than $75K a year and have a gag-order which prevents them from talking to the media.
Now the last point seems controversial but we've all seen plays made that make ZERO sense:

It's Time to Boycott the NFL

Look, I used to enjoy football games just like the rest of you but I can no longer in good conscience support an organization that actively gives a middle finger to its customers by endorsing blatant political propaganda. Until the NFL goes back to its 1st Mission of providing a "sports" broadcast instead of politics, I will boycott every game. Including the Seahawks. 

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