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Friday, September 2, 2016

Don Nickerson for Klawock Mayor Answers Questions

[Don "Nick" Nickerson answers questions for his upcoming bid for Mayor of Klawock. You may find his Campaign Website Here or email him at]

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Don Nickerson Jr (many residents know me as Nick Nickerson) and I was born and raised in Klawock since 1965, which makes me 51 years young! I live in Klawock with my wife Trina and we have two adult children Heather and Josh. I currently work at Alicia Roberts Medical Center as a Maintenance Supervisor. I also spent 24 years for the Volunteer Fire Department and retired in 2013. I became involved in local governments from 1987 thru 2016, both on City Council and Tribal Council. Klawock has always been my home and I am very pro-active when it comes to making decisions and ensuring that the Community of Klawock has the highest quality of life, welfare, and safety.

When is the Election?

Klawock's General Election is October 4, 2016 at the Klawock City Hall. Polls will open at 8am and will close at 8pm.

Several readers have complained about the lack of transparency of the City of Klawock Administration: “As Mayor will you work on updating the Klawock Website and providing public access to City Council Meetings to the locals?”

Yes I will. Updating the City website in a timely manner, informing and inviting residents to the City's website is definitely an important and strong form of communication. Communication is a priority for all residents of Klawock and it's important to the Mayor and City Council that all residents are informed of all city business as Klawock continues to progress as a "First Class City".

All meetings are open to the General Public and I do encourage Klawock residents to attend. In Roberts Rules of Order "Public Participation" is an agenda item on all the meeting. Public participation will allow all residents to speak to the council with their ideas, concerns and recommendations, with that in mind, I definitely believe in communication.

I understand that this isn’t part of the City of Klawock but do you know why Heenya decided to put a permitting process in order to fish in the Klawock lake and river? What is your position on this action?

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act allows the local Native Corporations to manage the land within their Corporation boundaries. The Klawock River is an ecosystem access for salmon resources. With the land access permits in place, as their management plan, it is key to protect the river and to help prevent environmental harm to the land surrounding the river. I believe this is Heenya's intentions. The permit process/access is approved by State and Federal Governments.

It’s a well known fact that there is certain ‘stigma’ related to small town politics, why are you so eager to get involved?

Allow me to respond to "Small Town Politics" first. In a small town setting it is important for any and all governing bodies to avoid conflict. Mayors, Presidents, and Councils all take an Oath of Office. That oath is in place to do your best and uphold the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and of course your Duties and Responsibilities as a Mayor or Council member.

When you step outside your Oath of Office you are definitely inviting conflict to the setting of "Small Town Politics", so it's important to avoid any and all conflict.

I feel confident I will be of strong service for the residents and the City Council. There are a lot of opportunities to prosper as a First Class City. With my 29 years of experience I will definitely strive to do what is best for Klawock and all of its residents. I have never considered myself a politician. I have always considered myself a servant for the people. Being pro-active, a people person, and a strong voice for the Community of Klawock has always been my priority.

What are some goals that you are looking to accomplish as Mayor?

My platform is Economic Development. Klawock must have Income/City Tax revenue to prosper as a First Class City. It will be the Mayor's responsibility to work with the administration to present a strong business agenda to move forward in a timely manner. I firmly believe a focus on Economic Development will generate jobs, tax revenue and housing. Added revenue will also create a safe and high quality life style. Public safety (Police Department, Fire Department and EMS Services) and Public Works Departments need revenue to ensure Klawock has services in place as a First Class City for our residents of all ages.

My goal is to present strong business agendas to the City Council and work at the direction of the City Council to task agenda items with the Administration in a timely manner to develop Klawock Economically. Again, it is important to me that we have a safe and a high quality of life in our community.

Do you have any closing words and how can Klawock Residents get a hold of you for information?

Along with the City Council, it is important that we progress as a First Class City and Economic Development is a priority that will get us there. It is important that all residents vote and together we can make a difference and accomplish what is best for Klawock.

Don Nickerson Jr for Mayor. Experience Counts, so make your vote Count!

Thank you.

Contact information:
Phone: (907) 401-1777

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