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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Japan Expresses Continued Interest in Alaska LNG

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As transition to state-led project commences, market shows opportunity and optimism

September 13, 2016 (JUNEAU) – In advance of his trip to Asia to meet with parties interested in Alaska LNG, Governor Bill Walker today reflected positively on Japanese interest in potential exports of the resource.

On Friday, Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) President Keith Meyer, and other key members of the administration met with officials from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Industry (METI), and the Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) to discuss the recent shift towards a state-led LNG project, and other resource opportunities in Alaska. METI’s mission is to develop the Japanese economy and industry, while JOGMEC exists to secure a stable supply of oil & gas, mineral resources, and coal & geothermal energy.

“Alaska’s relationship with Japan is a special one,” Governor Walker said. “This meeting further underscored not only Japanese interest in Alaska natural gas, but also the general optimism that exists across the Pacific for our state to enter the international market. Japan is the largest LNG-buying nation in the world, and their interest in Alaska is very encouraging.”

The Juneau meeting came as the Governor prepared for an international trip to Singapore and South Korea to follow-up on previous interest in Alaska LNG, and as the AK LNG project transitions to state leadership.

“In addition to the gasline and LNG project, we discussed JOGMEC and METI’s technological advancements in CO2 capture and sequestration, and the small-scale distribution of LNG into remote markets, both of which could be very useful in Alaska’s overall development of the project,” AGDC President Keith Meyer said.

Along with the Governor, Lt. Governor, and AGDC President, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Andy Mack, Department of Revenue (DOR) Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck, and policy analyst Ed King participated in the discussion. METI representatives included Oil and Gas Division Director Yuki Sadamitsu, and Assistant Director Takayuki Kawamura; JOGMEC was represented by Business Strategy Department Director General Hajime Wakuda, and Koji Hoshi, Deputy Director of JOGMEC’s Washington Office.

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