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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Reader Forwarded This Memo on the Alaska Supreme Court Justice Vote

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This year two Alaska Supreme Court justices, Joel Bolger and Peter Maassen, are on the November 8th ballot. Earlier this year Bolger and Maassen voted to strike down a law providing for parental notification for a minor’s abortion enacted as an initiative by the people in 2010 with 90,000+ Alaskan voters approving the initiative.

In 2007 the same Court struck down a parental consent law enacted by the people’s representatives, the Alaska Legislature. In doing so, the Court stated multiple times, in clear and unmistakable language, that a notification law would be constitutional. Nine years later, after the public relied on their word, in a classic “bait and switch,” the Court brushed aside its own previous decision and struck down the very law they said would be constitutional.

The people have very limited ability to object to judicial power and decisions. The retention elections are the only way the Alaska Constitution provides. Take the time to think about the role of the judiciary and the moral nature of their decisions. Vote NO on Justice Bolger and Justice Maassen and protect the right of parents to oversee the medical decisions of their minor children.

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