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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chronicling How America Became A Banana Republic

Rigging the Election (Inciting Violence at Political Rallies)

Rigging the Elections for 50 years (Mass Voter Fraud)

Indiana Election Officials Find More Voter Fraud

Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History

Let me now remind everyone that 90% of All News Media is Owned by just 6 Corporations: 

In the one year that this website has been in existence I have made a point to say that I was originally born in the Soviet Union. Why do I make that? Because for all of you who grew up in America during those days saw how corrupt the Soviet Union was. The media was owned by the Government and 'elections' didn't really exist--it was all a facade. You all saw this. I'm not telling you anything new since it was easy for everyone to see what was happening in the USSR as an outside observer.

What I am telling you now is that the US has now become the Soviet Union. It's hard to see for most because we aren't the 'outside' observer anymore. We are the fish in the fish bowl. What Wikileaks and undercover journalism have shown. Conclusively. Is that the US Media is owned by the Federal Government. The Elections are rigged. And Voter Fraud is rampant because showing an ID to Vote is racist. 

 As November Approaches here is what we know for a Fact:

  • Hillary Clinton and corporate media are in bed with each other.
  • Hillary Clinton is for a “hemispheric free trade and open borders” and a one world order. She also told Goldman Sachs bankers that Americans who are opposed to open borders are “fundamentally unAmerican“.
  • Hillary Clinton said behind closed doors in speeches to Wall St fat cats that she would seek their input before imposing any government regulations on their practices. 
  • Hillary Clinton admitted she speaks with a forked tongue and says one thing to the public and another thing to private donors. 

Good Luck. 

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