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Friday, October 28, 2016

Favorite Links Friday Week of October 28 2016

Licenses for sport fishing, hunting and trapping to increase in price next year

On January 1, 2017, the fees for Alaska sport fishing, hunting and trapping licenses and tags will go up. It’s the first time in 24 years that hunting license and tag fees have increased and the first time in a decade for sport fishing.

Maria Gladziszewski is the deputy director of the Wildlife Conservation Division at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. She said several conservation and sportsmen’s groups spearheaded the effort to raise the prices.

“Sportsman’s groups got together in the last couple of years and started lobbied the legislature to say they wanted to pay increased fees to get increased research and management from the department,” Gladziszewski said. “Also in the era of declining state revenue, those sportsmen realized that once again, they wanted to step up to the plate.”

[Ed:] Is this true? Alaskans must be the greatest people in the nation by voluntarily asking the Government to charge them more money!
The price for a resident sport fishing, hunting, and trapping will increase from $62 to $94. The price for non-resident annual hunting & trapping $250 to $405. The low income sport fishing, hunting, and trapping license, however, will remain $5. [Full Source]

[Ed:] This isn't a laughable increase. That is very much a 65% increase for resident sport fishing, hunting, and trapping! The price increase is getting very close to the fine for fishing, hunting, and trapping without a license [150$ I believe, correct me if i'm wrong]. I would never advocate for breaking the law, i'm just pointing out the cost/benefit analysis in this situation....I shouldn't have said that...now the fine is going to go up!

Business is blowing up for UAF’s 'Balloon Guy'

[Cute Story]

Sockeye Harvest Likely Second Largest In 20 Years

Alaska’s summer salmon season, based on preliminary harvests, produced more than 112 million salmon of all species, and while it is a substantial number of fish, it’s well below the anticipated total harvest.

Still sockeye harvests will likely end up being the second largest of the last 20 years, with last year being the largest harvest for that period, according to the latest report from the McDowell Group in Juneau, for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Association.

Large sockeye harvests were seen in Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula, while Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, Kodiak and Chignik came up short of their forecast, McDowell’s Andy Wink told participants in ASMI’s All Hands meeting in Anchorage this week. Meanwhile pink salmon harvests fell 56 percent short of the preseason forecast, prompting Alaska Governor Bill Walker to seek federal disaster relief. Keta salmon fell 15 percent short of its forecast, as Southeast harvests came up short [Read the Full Story]

Putin is gearing up for a 'hot war' he doesn't want but WILL attack the West if he is provoked over Syria, warns former British Ambassador

Sir Anthony Brenton insists relations between the Kremlin and the West are 'the most dangerous' he has ever seen amid heightened tensions over the country's bombing campaign in Syria.
While Russia 'means business' having sent warships past British shores and displayed its military might, Moscow is 'weak' and does not want a war, Sir Brenton said.

In an exclusive opinion piece for the Daily Mirror, he said it is 'close to impossible' for Russia to back down because the 'loss of face would almost certainly be the end of Putin'.
There has been weeks of posturing between Russia and the West with both sides trading accusations over the brutal civil war in Syria.

And Sir Brenton added: 'If we act on Syria in any way that could escalate to a Russian attack, they are signalling as clearly as they can that they would retaliate.' [Full Source]

[Ed:] Make no mistake, America and Nato want a war with Russia and they are doing everything in their political power to do so.

The Bundy Gang is Found Not Guilty

A federal jury delivered a resounding acquittal today for the anti-government militants who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January, finding Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty of conspiring to keep federal employees from doing their jobs.

Supporters of the Arizona-based rancher and his anti-government movement wept, hugged and waved American flags in the streets outside downtown Portland's federal courthouse.

The verdict is a stunning defeat for U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams, whose legal team was unable to prove that Bundy and his allies broke any laws by turning an Eastern Oregon bird refuge into an armed fortress.

But Ammon Bundy and several other defendants took the stand in their own defense to detail their beliefs that the Constitution prohibits the federal government from owning land, that the sentences given to two Burns-area ranchers convicted on federal arson charges were the result of government tyranny and that the 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy's Bunkerville ranch was a vindication of Bundy's belief that the county sheriff is the ultimate law of the land. [Read the Full Story]

After Someone destroys Trump's Hollywood Star a Homeless Lady Guards it:


German parents due in court after refusing son’s school trip to mosque

Parents of a German teenager may face a trial and fine for “truancy” after refusing to allow their son to go to a local mosque on a school field trip out of fear that it would lead to his “indoctrination” by Islamic radicals.
The story broke in mid-June, when parents of a 13-year-old student opposed the idea of their son visiting a mosque in the northern German town of Rendsburg, reportedly organized as part of a geography class.

A local education authority subsequently fined the couple a total of €300 ($328), referring to school regulations and regional laws which include penalties for truancy.

When the parents opposed the fine, their case was forwarded to Peter Mueller-Rakow, a local prosecutor, who will decide whether or not to proceed with a court trial, Spiegel reported on Wednesday.

The parents’ lawyer, Alexander Heumann, argues that they refused the school trip out of fear for their son’s “bodily safety.”

The story has sparked heated debate among social media users, with many saying that visiting mosques has nothing to do with either geography or school classes.

“What a trip to the mosque has to do with geography classes?” a user named Arthur Dent asked.

Others compared the authorities’ actions to the darkest part of German history, with one user tweeting: “Visiting mosques is a top priority under our regime, similar to having a Fuhrer’s image in everyone’s flat.” [Full Source]

How Vincenzo Peruggia made Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world by stealing it from the Louvre

Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911. He never thought that what he did would make this painting the most recognizable painting on the planet.

He was hired by the Louvre to make protective glass cases for some its most famous works, among them the Mona Lisa. He thought that Napoleon had stolen the painting from Italy a century ago, and as a real Italian patriot, he wanted to bring the picture to Italy where it “belonged.” In reality, Leonardo da Vinci sold the painting to Francis I when he moved to France in order to become a court painter.

After hiding in a closet overnight, Vincenzo Peruggia took the painting and hid it under his smock. He was ready to leave the Louvre when he discovered that the door was locked.

Peruggia tried to remove the doorknob, but he was still not able to open the door until a plumber that was passing by opened the door with his key.

After it was discovered that the painting was missing, the police got to work, and the museum was shut down for a week amid a scandal. [To find out how it was recovered read here]

Ten Minutes in Lituya  Bay


In 1952, geologist Don Miller was conducting a petroleum investigation in the region surrounding the Gulf of Alaska when he encountered a vaguely disquieting geological anomaly. While surveying a remote fjord known as Lituya Bay, Miller found that the dense, mature forest that surrounded the bay ended abruptly hundreds of feet upslope of the water. There was some vegetation growing below the distinct line, but it was all upstart grasses, saplings, and such. It was clear that at some point in recent history, an unknown, massive force had scraped the shores clean, and the vegetation was only beginning to reclaim the land.

There was no evidence that a fire had passed through—none of the surviving trees were charred, nor were the few remaining tree stumps. Instead, it appeared that the trees had been bent and twisted away by some powerful lateral force. The damage resembled a “trimline” like those left behind when a glacier recedes, exposing a line of bare rock alongside vegetation, but there was no glacier in a location that would account for it. A tsunami could also theoretically cause such destruction, but the boundary was much farther upshore than any tsunami in recorded history. Upon investigating further, Miller discovered other, older trimlines around the bay, suggesting that the destructive event had occurred multiple times prior, each a few decades apart. This was not typical bay behavior.

Miller interviewed some people familiar with the area, and heard tales of “cataclysmic floods” and such. He sliced samples from the trees along the edge of the old growth and saw signs of blunt trauma. He left Alaska still contemplating hypotheses, and he ended up writing a paper putting forward some possibilities. But the origin of the distinct damage would remain a geological mystery until five years later, when humans had the unsought opportunity to witness the cause of the terrifying phenomenon firsthand.[Read the Full Story]

Picture of the Week (Man Selling His Car on Wall Street 1929)

'29 Dodge Brothers DA Sports Roadster.

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