Fundraiser for Kurt and Pam Cheney's Burned Shop in Hollis - P.O.W. Report

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fundraiser for Kurt and Pam Cheney's Burned Shop in Hollis

Their Daughter writes:
As some people have heard my mom and dad Pam and Kurt Cheney lost their shop to a fire on Tuesday. I am happy to say that no one was hurt and that it was not their house. However for them it wasn't just a shop, it was an extension of their home, they spent more time in the shop than in their house. More than 30 years of their belongings were lost, many things I am sure will eventually be replaced but so many things unfortunately can't be. As I watch my family try to pick up the pieces I see first hand the struggle financially of replacing the simple things like boots, gloves, rain gear, winter coats (all stored in the shop) or tools to sort through the rubble or the week of work that my Dad took off to start the clean up.

My parents are not the type to ask for help so I started this donation account, if you are able to donate it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much to all that have so many warm words and prayers to give and all that stopped to check in on them.

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