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Monday, February 13, 2017

I Have A Confession...I Love Award Shows...My Grammy Analysis

There! Now you know the truth POW...I just can't help myself, I especially love Music Award Shows and particularly music tv shows..by the way The Voice Premieres February 27th!

Last Night was the Grammy's! Here are my highlights and there was a little controversy....

Political Controversy, No Way!?

Joy Villa Wore a MAGA Dress, Triggering Liberals and Getting Death Threats on Twitter:

Apparently free speech isn't actually free...but I liked the dress. Keep an eye out on her i-tunes chart I predict she will go up in sales in the next 24 hours....Not that I particularly like any of her music but her rendition of We are the Champions is pretty good:

Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood:

John Travolta ended up pronouncing their names correctly...which was a good way to start the show. 

Wait...I Wrote Too Soon Adele Butchers George Michael's Tribute Song and Starts the Song Over:

Beyonce Had a Very Cultish Performance But It was Good:

My Favorite Performance of the Night Was By Ed Sheeran:

Lady Gaga and Metallica Had Sound Issues:

My Review:

I won't watch the Grammy's again...way too political. The show had way too many forced errors and sound issues....they just aren't worth the time. Last year's Grammy's where equally as bad but I grimaced through it. 2017 just proved that my gut instinct was correct all along.

Hollywood is Dead. Let it die....

Update: Joy Villa Up 54, 350, 100%:

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