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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

**CORRECTION** POW Welcomes New Medical Professionals to the Island!

[In the original publication POWReport Incorrectly stated that Eric and Karen Peck where the 'operators' of the Whale Tail Pharmacy. THEY. ARE. NOT. POW Report sincerely regrets the misstatement. Kevin and Julie McDonald are the SOLE owners and operators of the Whale Tail Pharmacy. ]

On Saturday evening The Voyager Bookstore hosted a meet and greet for three new SEARHC employees and the new employees of the Whale Tail Pharmacy. POW Report was able to have a quick interview with everyone:

Dr. Eric Peck and Mrs. Karen Peck (Whale Tail Pharmacy)

Mr. and Mrs. Peck have been working on Prince of Wales for about 9 months now and came up to Alaska from Georgia originally. They worked for some time in Wasilla as pharmacists but when an extra job opened up down here, they jumped on the offer! Mrs. Peck worked for some time at the pharmacy but has moved on to pursue her other passion.

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Wendel (Medical Director of SEARHC)

Mr. Wendel started his first day of work February 1st. He came up because certain facets of the job appealed to him and his work-skills, in particular, Mr. Wendel wanted to get back to primary-care medicine. He hails from Bend, Oregon but really enjoys Southeast, Alaska so far and is excited to go fishing in the summers.

Dr. Michael Witzil and Sonja Witzil (SEARHC Dental)

Mr. and Mrs. Witzil have been on the island for two weeks already and came all the way up from the West Coast of Florida. They have always talked about moving up to Alaska. Sonja spent a good bit of her childhood in the Fairbanks area and Michael enjoys to fish. So with this new job opportunity, Prince of Wales seemed like a great fit for the both of them.

Dr. Greg Warner (SEARHC Pharmacist)

Mr. Warner has been working on the Island since April of last year. When the job first became available, he was invited to come visit for three days to get a feel for the Island and POW Report joked that he was probably invited to visit in the summer when it was nice and sunny but Greg laughed and said no, he originally visited in December. However, Alaska (like with many people) was always on the back of his mind and he embraced the new job opportunity and moved up here from Idaho.

Prince of Wales would like to give everyone a hearty welcome! Thank you for the services that you provide and we hope that you will grow to love the region as much as we do!

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