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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mayor Lawrence Armour Has Some Harsh Words on the Substance Abuse Epidemic on the Island

[From his Facebook Page]
I'm getting information now. Some of the meth and heroin types are not a huge surprise. I could tell he/she was a P.O.S. I knew YOU were up to no good.

Do you want to know what took me by surprise? The pain pill peddlers. These people aren't stealing them from pain sufferers. They are being supplied. The people that are prescribed these pain pills, you may call auntie or uncle! They're selling their pain pills or using family members to sell it for them. Some of these people have a cute story about you when you were little. Some of these scumbags are people that sit in the seats of community leaders, somewhere on Prince of Wales. People trust them to lead, and they are at ground zero of the drug problem.

WTF do you think happens after YOUR people get hooked on pain pills?!? Hooked on the pills that you supply - They move on to cheaper, easier to get stuff like heroin and meth.

How dare you! You call yourself auntie or uncle?? You are killing your nieces and nephews!
How dare you! You sit in a position of leadership?? You are killing your own people!

I see you - You're not fooling anyone anymore.

Your time will come. Are you going to stop selling your prescription drugs? You can hang on to that extra cash flow until the bitter end if you want. Just don't lie to yourself. If you felt guilty while you were reading this post, I probably already have your name. Shame on you.

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