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Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Review of the Good Food & Natural Health Club And Their Next Meeting is March 18th in Kasaan

A few weekends ago the Good Food & Natural Health Club had a meeting in Hollis with about 25 people showing up. It was a very informative meeting and I would encourage everyone to attend them. A few weeks ago I was thinking hard about planting more potatoes this year (last year I just had a small batch and never did it before) and wanted to learn more. Coincidentally (or was it synchronicity) one of the presenters was Stormy Hamar and he talked about potatoes and garlic.

Stormy talking about island grown garlic

Here are my notes from his presentation:

  • Garlic can be planted between October and January as garlic likes a bit of a cold to set in.
  • Deer don't eat garlic but they may pull them up.
  • You may harvest garlic around July
  • And plant the cloves about 3 inches into the soil.

On Potatoes:
  • Plant them between March and Early June
  • Before you plant your seed potatoes, put them in a warm area so they can begin to sprout.
  • As with garlic plant them about 3 inches into the soil and cover up the potatoes (by making a hill) if you see them poking out.

Dave, a Hollis Resident Also Gave a Talk on the Easiest Plants to Grow in Southeast Alaska:

Dave presenting his seeds

He brought in a series of seeds and talked about them and brought up some health benefits of the different plants. He gave a long list of different things to plant that grow well here but here are my highlights: 

  • Long Pie Pumpkin (Nantucket Pumpkin)
  • Green Wave Mustard (it tastes a little like wasabi)
  • White Russian Kale
  • Black Seeded Lettuce 
  • Butter Crunch Lettuce 
  • Green Beans
  • Bulls Blood and McGrerror's Beats
  • Dwarf Gray Sugar Pods

If you are interested in getting seeds send Dave an email and he will give you more information:

The Next Club Meeting is in Kasaan on March 18th: 

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