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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Update on HughesNet from Joe Ashcraft

Joe Ashcraft with Seaport telecommunications representing HughesNet sent in an update on the new Gen5 satellite network. There are now eight new running satellites in Southeast. There are three on the island, four in Kake, and one in Juneau---the first eight in all of Alaska the NOC said.

The new Gen5 speed is 45 MBps= 45 megabytes per second. Pretty fast compared to the 1 megabyte Hughes gives now or Starband that ran 600kilobytes, dial up at 56kylo, Or Isdn at 128kilobyte.

The Gen5 latency is .6 sec instead of the 1.2second Latency that AP&T's land based system has and Hughesnet is only $100 month for a max plan, which translates to a savings of about $200 compared to our competitors.

We are really excited about the massive improvements in speed and reliability for internet service on this island and the speed has matched the expected 25m/3M.

The first 40 installations are currently happening on the Island. If you are interested in getting a plan through HughesNet please get a hold of:

Joe Ashcraft
Seaport Telecommunications
POB 5192 Ketchikan AK 99901
907 723 5092

Here is a great article on the Hughesnet upgrade from KRBD as well:

Simon Roberts is an app developer, so a good, reliable internet connection is important to his business. But, speed has been a longtime problem at his home in Klawock on Prince of Wales Island.

Now, with his brand-new Hughesnet satellite connection, Roberts is delighted.

“We’re getting 48 megabytes a second with this new satellite system here,” he said. “Versus the old Hughesnet I was on, I was barely getting a megabyte a second. You couldn’t stream on that. You could barely listen to internet radio with that type of speed. It’s like a dream come true to go from next to nothing to being able to download a movie in five minutes.” [Read the rest of the article here]

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