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Thursday, May 18, 2017

And POW Report Has Been Censored on Facebook!

If you have been following this website for long enough, you know that I’ve been trying to do the best I can to present the honest news. However, Facebook doesn’t care about free speech and has censored me for a month into June.

I knew that this would have been an inevitability but I wasn’t expecting to be censored this soon. I have worked very hard for TWO years to build this website. I have brought you reports (as per this sites motto)  and now I need your help.

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Also, please share these posts on your Facebook time line and with friends. I won’t lie, 70% of my readership comes from Facebook. So, being censored really hits hard. That said, if we can stick together and spread the word we can get through the Authoritarianism.

As I’ve written in the past, I’m a one man show. I’m not doing this for my own benefit but the benefit of Prince of Wales Island and i'm very frustrated right now. Thank you for all the faithful readers but I ask you to please now share these posts and make your friends aware of this website.

Facebook works to spread the word because it’s so easy and ‘everyone’ is on it, however that is precisely why Facebook can control the gateways of information and news---even on a small island in Alaska such as Prince of Wales.

What's next?

So, how it works is my Facebook profile has been locked down, so I can’t post anything and I can’t share anything. I can still read posts, but I can’t share it to the Powreport Facebook site, which really hurts.

Meaning, I will still be on top of the news but you can only get it here at Please, share on your profile and please subscribe via email!

June 18th I’ll get access again as an amateur reporter but as you know, one month feels like forever!

Thanks again for everything and for my Hollis followers in particular—you have been the first to subscribe and the first to read and for that I am very grateful!

Let’s stick up for each other and for Prince of Wales.

Sincerely, Thank you!

Arthur Martin

PS: When I talk about censorship here is just one example and it's coming quick to Facebook: 

In other words BBC will send your information to your employer and have you fired

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