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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Governor Walker Announces Names of Drug Detection K9s (2017)

Contact: Jonathon Taylor, Deputy Press Secretary – (907) 465-3985

Names selected via Facebook poll from suggestions made by Alaska 6th-graders

May 16, 2017 JUNEAU – As a part of the Safer Alaska initiative, Governor Bill Walker today announced the results of his Facebook poll to pick names for the two new Alaska State Trooper drug detection K9s. K9-A will be named M.O.C.H.A. (acronym for Meth, Opioids, Cocaine, Heroin, Alaska); the name was suggested by Ryan Engebretsen’s class at Teeland Middle School in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. K9-B will be named Mak (short for Kachemak, as in Kachemak Bay); that name was suggested by Hannah Dolphin’s class at Kalifornsky Beach Elementary School in Kenai.

“M.O.C.H.A and Mak will play important, integral roles in our efforts to create a Safer Alaska,” Governor Walker said. “I’m so grateful for the participation of Alaska 6th graders and citizens across the state in selecting these names. I look forward to seeing the important work these new dogs will do.”

The State Troopers will use the K9s to help detect opioids and other drugs in a variety of places across the state in continued efforts to tamp down on drug use and trafficking. Alaska 6th graders initially submitted over 70 potential names for the new dogs after learning about the impacts of drug abuse, and how to respond in difficult situations.

· February 14 – Governor Walker issued a 30-day disaster declaration so naloxone could be distributed statewide

· February 16 – Governor Walker issued Administrative Order 283 establishing a plan of action that directs state departments to prioritize resources to combat the opioid epidemic and apply for federal grants to fund prevention, treatment and enforcement

· March 6 – Governor Walker filed legislation (HB 159/SB 79) to change the way opioids are prescribed and monitored
· March 10 – Governor Walker filed SB 91 to extend disaster declaration

· March 21 – Governor Walker signed SB 91, life-saving naloxone bill, into law
· April 17 – Governor Walker announced Alaska’s participation in CDC-NGA project
· April 20 – Governor Walker announced Alaska’s receipt of $2 million in federal STOG funds 
· May 12 – Governor Walker announced kickoff of contest to name drug dogs
· May 15 – Governor Walker announces winners of drug dog naming contest

[MOCHA is actually a pretty bad ass name, congrats and good luck!]

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