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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Northern Explosure Fireworks, Back with a Bang!

Back with a bang! Get it??? Cause they sell fireworks!!! Boy howdy am I getting better with article titles! Anywho:

Yours truly stopped by the Northern Explosure new Hollis location and had a great chat with the Carrie and Caitlin (the owners).


Northern Explosure is now located just off the main highway (Mile 30 in Hollis). If you take the road down to "old Hollis" where the Hollis School and the harbor dock is, you will see their signs and their snappy stand.


They are open everyday from Noon till 9pm all the way up to the 4th of July.

I grew up in Hollis but I really didn't know much about their long time family business. Their fireworks business was originally founded 25 years ago by their grandfather Gene Engel who had a passion for fireworks and wanted a way to bring all the communities on the Island together (including Ketchikan). Clearly his vision succeded and his grand-daughters are passionately continuing his legacy!

Their Favorite New Fireworks this Year:

The Mean Gene Pyro Club:

Fireworks to Keep an Eye Out For:

"Believe" Epic 9-Shot Display

"Dr. Jekyll" 9 Shot Night Display 500 gram shells

Yours Truly took home the biggest and loudest bang for your buck artilery display!

[Northern Explosure Facebook]

[Northern Explosure Website]


Northern Explosure takes credit cards in case you don't want to carry a wad of cash with you.


Keep an eye out for Carrie and Caitlin who will have a decked out van in the 4th of July Parade in Craig (and possibly Klawock as well).

Read More: Craig 4th of July Festivities Schedule [2017]

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