Trooper Report Week of May 28, 2017 - P.O.W. Report

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trooper Report Week of May 28, 2017

Location: Naukati

Type: Suspicious Fire
Dispatch Text:

UPDATE: Several witnesses and various members of the community came forward and provided information to AST regarding the suspicious fire which destroyed the community shelter in Nuakati on 5/20/2017. The shelter was constructed from red cedar, was three-sided and had a tin roof. A portion of the floor was bare earth while the other portion was wooden. The investigation determined that a fire pit was being utilized in the early afternoon hours by individuals from the community. The fire pit used at the time was on the dirt floor portion of the shelter. Those community members left after they believed they had properly extinguished the fire. Due to gusty winds, and multiple days of dry weather preceding the fire, the fire reignited and eventually reached the wooden floor of the building. By the time the fire was discovered by other community members, the shelter was totally engulfed and was ultimately destroyed by the fire. The community plans on rebuilding the structure.

AST would like to remind everyone to build fires away from all structures and other ignition sources. Completely and thoroughly extinguish all fires when no longer used or if they will be unattended.

On 5/20/2017 at 1756 hours, Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales Island were notified of a fire in Naukati. Investigation revealed the community owned structure was destroyed by fire. The fire was suspiciously started in or near the building by unknown person(s). A nearby resident observed smoke coming from the structure and with assistance from other members of the community, contained the fire to the building and immediate area. The building was a total loss and not insured. The estimated loss of the building is approximately $10,000. The Alaska State Troopers are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact them at (907) 826-2918.

Location: Prince of Wales

Type: Warrant Arrest
Dispatch Text:

On 5/31/17 at 1450 hours, Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales Island contacted Donald W. Yates, age 39 of Klawock at his residence in Klawock. Investigation revealed that Yates had an outstanding arrest warrant for Assault in the Fourth Degree-DV. Yates was placed under arrest for the warrant and transported to the Craig Jail facility where he was remanded without bail.

Department of Public Safety Advisory

Location: Fairbanks
Advisory Text:

BEWARE OF THIS REOCCURRING PHONE SCAM: An individual -usually a male- calls and identifies themselves as a trooper or officer using various names and ranks. The caller advises people that the person answering, or one of their family members, have active warrants or missed a court/jury summons and they must pay their bail to him or face arrest and possible additional fines. The caller explains they can pay him with green dot cards or prepaid credit cards to take care of the warrants. He may also provide call back numbers which usually go directly to an answering machine if they are called. This scam has taken place in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, the Kenai Peninsula and could occur in other communities.

Be aware that the Alaska State Troopers will NOT ask for payment over the phone or offer to negotiate for reduced payment in lieu of arrest. If you are concerned that you may have a warrant for your arrest with the AST, you can look at the active warrants website: You can also look up the phone number for your local law enforcement agency to see if they can verify if a warrant is in existence and obtain information on how to correctly deal with the situation. No law enforcement agency will collect funds during a phone call or ask that payment be made using pre-paid credit cards or green dot cards that are obtained from convenient stores.

Location: Prince of Wales

Type: MVC-Fatal
Dispatch Text:

On 06/01/17 at approximately 0346 hours, Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales received a report of single vehicle Motor Vehicle Collision near MP 18 of the Hydaburg Hwy. Initial investigation revealed Gilbert Johnson Jr age 25 of Angoon, was driving a 1995 Chevrolet pickup when it left the roadway and collided with a downed tree. Johnson, as well as two passengers, were transported to Alicia Roberts Medical Clinic in Klawock. Rhonda Peratrovich age 53 of Hydaburg died as a result of her injuries. Next of kin has been notified. The investigation is ongoing.

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