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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AND....The Island Truck Thief Is....[Drum Roll]

[Original Reporting]

Location: Kasaan

Type: Agency Assist/Recover Stolen Vehicle/Warrant Arrest
Dispatch Text:
On 7/9/2017, Prince of Wales State Troopers were notified by Craig Police Department of a vehicle theft that occurred overnight in the city of Craig. AST located the vehicle near Kasaan at about 1230 hours. After an exhaustive search in Kasaan, AST with the assistance of VPSO's located the suspect of the vehicle theft, 26 year old Michael Starr of Craig. Starr was arrested on an unrelated AST/JS warrant and remanded to the Craig Jail. Craig Police Department maintained responsibility of the vehicle theft case.

Now i'm not saying that this is his [Facebook page.] And i'm not telling you to look at his public Facebook page. But if you where to try and search for his Facebook Page. [This is where you would search.]

A Cry for Help:

If someone posts things like this it means that they are crying out for help. Instead of encouraging them to do worse, you should support them and talk to them. Look, I've done stupid shit myself. I am by no means above this kid. However, this is a great PSA for the Island. SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY! SUPPORT THE YOUTH! 

We have all gone through tough times and often (especially for men) it is difficult for us to reach out to people and express our feelings. However, if you pay attention closely there are some red flags. So look into your life and if there is a friend that you haven't talked to in a while, reach out. They may be more grateful than you understand.

Above all give him a second chance after this. Everyone deserves a second chance.

P.S. Facebook is Cancer. Stop Using it. Engage with your community and real life friends instead.

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