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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 6 "Economy & Resources" Photo Contest. Submit Today!

The Chamber of Commerce is still taking photos for the 2018 Island Guide. Submit your photo for a chance to win $250 and have your picture featured in the guide. Gift Certificates will be given out the week of September 20th to all the winners.

The Sixth Week Ends August 10th, 2017!

Themes by week:

Week 1 Outdoor Adventures - Photo Winner Lisa Kness
Week 2 Fishing & Water Sports Photo Winner Jessica Priddy
Week 3 Wilderness & Hunting & Camping Photo Winner Lisa Kness
Week 4 Birds & Animals - Photo Winner Jessica Priddy
Week 5 Day Trip & Hiking - Photo Winner Wendy Hamilton
Week 6 Native Culture & History - Photo Winner Krysta Heidman
Week 7 Economy & Resources
Week 8 Special Events & Arts


The photo file must be emailed or on USB drive and delivered to the POW Chamber of Commerce office by each deadline to be entered in the drawing. Each photo extension needs a description, location, and name on it. Only pictures in Portrait Mode, like a vertical magazine cover, can be considered for the cover photo. File size up to 3MB. Email:info@princeofwalescoc.org
Everyone who enters or submits a photo will also be eligible for the Grand Prize of $250.00 and a chance to be on the cover. Strictly Local Gallery in photo attached.

Congrats to photographer Krysta Heidman for the winning picture last week:

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